With my brains and everyone else's information... I'll make as many people as possible look like complete morons!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Country Dancing

I got this comment back in February:

Anonymous said...

This girl said she saw the guys from the MBP... you should ask her.


I was able to track her down on Facebook and asked her about her experience. This is her reply:

The story goes:
A friend and I planned to go Country Dancing at Studio in SLC. My friend, Sam, had their number and invited them to come. They agreed and said they'd go but didn't tell us what they were wearing or anything, obviously to keep their anonymous-ness. We found some boys who fit their description of themselves. Calvin and Aaron, we thought. They kept looking at us and talking to eachother and looking over. I can't remember if we approached them or if they approached us. Aaron was wearing a soccer t-shirt, on on MBP it talks about how much Aaron likes soccer. He asked me to dance and Calvin freaked out. "No, dude. We gotta' go. Come on." He was acting very fishy and nervous. Aaron seemed calm and collected and reassured Calvin that it'd be okay. As I danced with Aaron I asked him questions: where he was from, what he did for a living, yadda-yadda-yadda. I don't remember where he told me he lived, but when I asked a second time it didn't match with his original story. He told me he sold security for a living, which is what MBP does. He told me he went on a mission, but it wasn't to Ireland like MBP. After our dance, Aaron danced with Sam and his story was totally different with her. Again, I dont' remember what he said but it was fishy and I knew they were lying. Calvin didn't dance with either of us. He didn't want to be there and it was obvious. He was nervous. They invited us to their house in SLC somewhere. I wanted to go, just to uncover the MBP story but it was late. When we left, Aaron (who goes by Bobby) asked for my number. He wanted to come hang out with us in Ogden. I told him he could come if he'd like but it was late and I couldn't hang out that long. Sam and I wanted to take a picture before they left but neither of them would let us take a picture of them. They got VERY defensive and nervous. They took a picture of just Sam and I but we weren't able to get one of the two of them. (Go figure.) :)

Since then, I've text Aaron a little but never hung out with them or saw them again. We asked them if they knew about MBP and called them out on their lies. They smiled like they either: A) thought we were crazy or B) thought it was intriguing because they really were MBP. Honestly, if they weren't MBP and were just some jo-shmo guys, they'd be running for the hills because we seemed like crazy psycho women asking a million questions. I was 94% sure it was them, now I'm about 85% sure.

I didn't ask how long ago this took place, but I think it was last fall, which is before MBP was too popular. I'm not sure what I think about this story, but by the way these guys were acting, it makes it seem more likely then it would otherwise.

Then again, maybe Calvin really wanted to get out of there because of how bad he hates country music. :)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Let me address some of the concerns brought up in the comments:

1. The blog post that "revealed" the authors of MBP was a fake. It was written for fun by someone totally unrelated to the blog.

2. Lots of guesses regarding Sanders and whether MBP served in Dublin as claimed. My opinion is that they began the blog with certain details, one of which was serving in Ireland. The question is, did MBP have enough foresight to change details from the get-go? If so, then we have to assume they expected their blog to explode in popularity. If we assume THAT, then don't we have to second guess their motives? Which leads to #3.

3. Monteirth Madness was kind enough to email some public records regarding MBP's "LLC" that they set up. The reason they created the blog was "Writing an entertaining blog that will generate enough hits to entice companies to advertise on the blog." So, if this was their plan from the beginning, then isn't it possible this has been money-making scheme from the beginning and they're just making everything up on the blog strictly to entertain? I don't think that's very far-fetched.

4. Busy Bee Lauren doesn't write MBP. From what I understand, she allowed MBP access to her blog so they could moderate her comments for her cause people were being rude to her and she was tired of reading the mean comments.

Moving on. Let's assume just for fun, that C and J didn't realize there blog was going to get so popular... so some of the earlier posts could possibly be truer than the more recent ones. I've been reading MBP for a really long time... like maybe since August. So I was reading before they got super popular and I don't remember ever noticing any huge contradictions between their early posts and their later ones.

Anyone else notice anything that I'm missing?

Finally, I have a few things in the works for getting some photos of Calvin and Jake. I'm not sure if anything will pan out, but everyone cross their fingers that I'm successful.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Wow. My last post stimulated a lot of discussion. I like it. I think if we keep pounding away at these guys, eventually we'll figure this out.

Some of the comments weren't very helpful, but I appreciated them anyway. Some of them were great, though. I followed up on some of them, but it would be great if my readers would help out as well (some of you already have and thank you).

I think the debit card issue has been resolved. Someone thought it seemed hokey that a couple of 22 year old guys would have a debit card for their business, but thankfully, someone followed up with some additional information (thus saving me from doing it) and it all appears pretty legit. It's not only POSSIBLE, but fairly BELIEVABLE that Calvin and Jake have set up a business for MBP and now have a debit card. Why they chose to use it is still a mystery. My guess is that they have underestimated their own popularity and felt safe using the card, assuming the chances of being caught not likely.

I wish people would post using their real id's or something so I could ask follow up questions privately. An anonymous commenter said that Kristy Earl is Lisa Sanders. I looked Kristy up on Facebook and sent her a message last week asking if she was familiar with MBP, but I didn't get a message back.

Then I got an email from someone who didn't sign the email and they sent two images that appear legit, but could be doctored.
The first photo is a screen shot of the regular Facebook search for Kristi Earl. I'm pretty sure the second photo is of Kristi's photos. One of the photo's is the same one on the other photo. So, that means even though they have different names, they must be the same Kristy. So that means Kristy Earl is now married.

I got a follow up comment after receiving this email from the an anonymous commentor (maybe the same one) who said that they are the same Kristy and that she's married. So I guess it isn't Lisa Sanders. However, that doesn't change the fact that Kristy Earl served in the same mission as Calvin and Jake the same time they were there, right? So even if Kristy isn't Lisa, she still knows the authors of MBP, doesn't she?

Plus I think Kristy is way too pretty to be dating either Calvin or Jake. Unless, Drake is right (another commenter) and that Jake and Calvin are really good looking guys. But still, Kristy is married and is probably was not recently dating Jake.

In closing, I hope Kristy is ok with me posting these photos. I never heard back from her. Kristy, if you read this and object to me posting these photos, please tell me and I'll take them down. I felt safe putting them up, though, since it's all accessible on Facebook already. And I didn't say anything hurtful about you or anything.

My next step will be contacting Callie-Ann (another commentor mentioned her) who claims to have actually met them. Unless someone wants to beat me to it. Help yourself.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

MBP Sighting

Okay. I realize that a lot of people THINK they know who Calvin and Jake are. But from what I understand, nobody has any solid evidence. Well, we have a confirmed sighting of "Jake". When I say "confirmed", I mean it's the closest we've ever been. I realize we can never be 100% sure of this stuff, but this is more detail than we've ever had before.

This sighting comes from a girl who wants to remain anonymous because she can get in trouble for revealing this information. I will post excerpts from her story. I will need to make a few cosmetic changes to her story to protect her identity, but the main points will be unaltered:

"Hi, okay, glad you updated your email. So I'm totally sure that you get stories like this all the time. But I am 110% being serious. So I work at Carl's Jr in Layton, Utah. Last week sometime around three o'clock I was working the counter and I was helping the drive through, too. I handed a drink out to this guy in a car. I didn’t think anything of it right, because I see people all day everyday. I barely paid attention to him.

The girl working the drive turns to me and said, “I wonder what this guys company does, it's called Mormon Bachelor Pad.” I almost fell over right there!!!!!!!! I looked out the window to try and get a good look at him but he drove away. I looked out the window to try and get a license plate or something but he drove away too fast. He used a debit card to pay for his meal that said MORMON BACHELOR PAD on it. I still have it. OMG!!! I was freaking out to the max!

I know it has to be one of the guys. I know it. So I will tell you all about him. This guy was young. He had real messy hair like he just woke up. He had a scruffy face like he did not shave that day, like they say Jake does never does. His car was white with 4 doors. Our cook said he thought it was a Ford. He had blue eyes and had white headphones in his ears. I think he looked kind of like a young looking Josh Duhamel but I just watched the Rome movie so maybe that’s why. He looked cute, too. Very cute even for guy who looked totally like he just woke up that very minute. I am dying and looking for him every day to come back into our work or to drive up.

Jake said his new job stops at 3 so it’s like a perfect time for him to stop for a burger. Oh and he ordered a Jalapeno burger with no cheese, I think. And a chocolate milk shake. I think that if enough of these things happen you are right we will find them. It had to be a one of them. I think Jake. It freaking was totally him this guy was way to young to be a attorney or whatever."

So, it appears we have quite a few details now. I thought about leaving out the part about the debit card cause I didn't want to scare them into never using it again, but then I thought the story wasn't as believable without that detail.

I guess we're one step closer everyone. Keep it up.

Oh, one last thing. I have been able to confirm that he used a card that said Mormon Bachelor Pad on it, but I can't tell you how. I'll see if I can get permission to post the proof, but I don't want to get anyone in trouble.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thanks Everyone!

I've been so busy with school lately that I haven't had much time to get down and dirty with my detective skills. Luckily, there are a few of you with an interest in figuring out who these guys are as well. You've done a lot of the work for me. Here is a sample of some of the progress made recently:

Anonymous said...

When you go to buy a shirt, it takes you to Google checkout and there it says the following:

Mormon Bachelor Pad, 801 964-0655, PO Box 58027, Salt Lake City, UT 84103 US

I called that number and it is for a law firm called Bringhurst and Cooper. It is located in Sandy area. Could that be where "Tori" is a receptionist? Someone could call that number and talk to the receptionist and it would all be over.

A lot of this is great information, however, I doubt this is where Tori works for a couple of reason. First of all Tori is gone. No longer in Utah. Secondly, Tori worked for Calvin's dad. Calvin never specified what his dad did for a living, but I didn't get the impression that it was an attorney and this phone number is to an attorneys office. Sam the anti-sarm mentioned that it could be the law firm they hired to represent them. This was mentioned in an email during the whole Abby Warnock craziness. I'll see if I can find it.

Another peace of insightful information came from another commenter:
Madison said...

I called the number and a girl answered named Stacy. She said that it was The Law Office of Cooper and Bringhurst. I asked if Jake was there. She said there was no Jake there. I asked about the Mormon Bachelor Pad, she said that they were clients. I asked if she had met them, she said she had not met them but that I could leave a message with their attorney Mike. I chickened out and hung up when she transferred me. FYI.

Thanks Madison. Since you chickened out, I called today and asked for Mike, since that's what you said. The receptionist said, "Which Mike? Mike Cooper or Mike Bringurst?" That's when I hung up. I guess I'm a chicken, too.

And you can email me at exposembp@gmail.com to tell me about the MBP sighting.

That'll prolly be my next blog post because it sounds pretty intriguing.

Is there any other way to figure this out using the t-shirt route? Like, maybe checking the post office stamp or zip code info... or maybe fingerprinting the envelope or taking a DNA sample from where they licked it? jk

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Full Moon and Snow

When Jake did his New Years post about telling Sanders he loved her, he mentioned looking out the window and seeing big snow flakes falling and talking about how beautiful the snow was. Quote: Our conversation stalls when I say, “Look how cool the snow looks in the moonlight.” The flakes were huge, and I’m not sure if it’s a full moon, but it’s a bright one. Lisa says, “Oh my gosh it’s so pretty.”

However, someone left a comment claiming to live in Bountiful and said it didn't snow at all on New Year's Eve. The person leaving the comment said that it was possible that it may have been snowing further up the bench. I decided to do a little research.

According to archived weather websites, the only places in Northern Utah reporting snow flurries (not the big flakes that Jake said) were in Park City and Traverse Mountain in Utah County.

We have a few options.

  • The party MBP attended was in Park City or Traverse Mountain and NOT Bountiful.
  • There was no snow at all and Jake made it up cause it sounded cool.
  • The story Jake was telling happened earlier in December or November when there really WAS snow in Bountiful.
As for the "full moon" Jake mentioned I found this. moon phases This confirms that there was a full moon on New Years eve. So it looks like THAT part was true.

Interesting. Anyone else have any idea? And please don't leave mean comments. There pointless and hurtful.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Slightly Above Average

Are the MBP boys really only 6's or 6.5's like they claim? I think they are. A lot of people have made comments on their blog like, "How do you boys get so many girls if you're only 6's?"

My answer to that is simple. They're hilarious. How many of us girls have written out a list of qualities we want our future husband to have? I have. And guess what is #2 on my list. He must be FUNNY. I think most of us have "funny" or "witty" or "sense of humor" or "makes me laugh" somewhere on our list. If it's so important to us that we put it in our top 3, then why do so many girls doubt that Calvin and Jake can get so many girls because of their personalities?

I think they're average... like they claim. What do you think?